In memory of Thanksgiving

I am thankful for.....

A stomach that is much too full, because it means I have plenty to eat

A husband who spends most of the Sunday away from me, because it means he is busy serving others

The freezing Rexburg cold, because that means I have the blessing of getting an education

When I am sweating from walking up the hill to class, because it means I have warm winter clothing

Random voice messages, because it means someone was thinking of me

Crying out of sorrow, because it means my body is trying to heal

Lost flash drives, because it gives me another reason to turn to the Lord

Frustration I feel in my persuasion class, because it means I have an opinion

My forever long Senior Project, because it is pushing me to work hard

Having to make my danish pastries again, because it means my instructor cares that I understand how to make it

Being able to hear laughter from the apartment below, because it means they are happy

24 hour drives, because it means I get to see my in-laws

My weaknesses, because it pushes me to be humble

What are YOU thankful for?

(Idea gathered HERE)

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