Christmas Elves

At this moment the world is preparing for a magical evening.  
Parents are shopping until their feet are sore.
Children are dreaming and dreaming some more.
And Santa is working in his own little shop until Christmas comes and he finally can stop.
What are you doing?

I have a challenge of what it is you can do until the magical night comes in three weeks time.
Be one of Santa's Elves.

You don't have to have a miniature body, or even pointy ears.
All you have to do is look around you and spread some Christmas cheer!

Here are some ideas
1) Give a gift to someone you don't particularly care for (an old chum, a professor who gave you a C-, that man who hit your car, etc)
2) Shovel the snow off of your neighbor's walkway
3) Serve hot apple cider to the young boys who deliver your daily newspaper
4) Clean the dishes and make the bed for your sister, mother, or that one that you love
5) Give a compliment to someone you don't know
6) Give another compliment to someone else that you don't know
7) Smile a great big smile and give a dollar tip to the person checking you out at the grocery or department store
8) Pay for the person's order behind you at the fast food restaurant
9) Sing Christmas songs loud for ALL to hear
10) Instead of thinking of what you're going to get for Christmas, think of what you can give

Do you have any other ideas?

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