Slavery Today?

When someone mentions the word "slavery" my mind automatically recalls what I learned in my grade school history classes about the Civil War.  Slavery existed a long time ago in the United States.  But not anymore.

How wrong I was.

In a recent article found on CNN.com, there is a story about two girls who were brought over from Africa with the belief that they would be educated in the American culture.  However, they were instead placed in years of slavery currently known as Human Trafficking.  During this time, they were forced to labor within a beauty salon without pay or the normal human rights any teenage girl deserves.

"At times, they were forced to braid the hair of American teenagers no older than they were -- girls who were free and had no idea the people braiding their hair were slaves." 
This was in New Jersey.  The girls lived in a well kept residential area.  And yet so many people had no idea what was going on.  It makes me wonder....have I been that close to cases of human trafficking and not even known about it?

"Slavery through trafficking continues widely today in the United States, though often undetected, according to law enforcement officials."
"Sadly, the work of our clinic is necessary in every community in America," she said. "Human trafficking, also known as modern-day slavery, exists in big cities, in small towns, in rural areas with no towns, exists in restaurants, in hair salons, in hotels and in farmwork. Almost every industry you can think of, there is an opportunity there for someone to be exploited. This is everywhere in the U.S."                      - Bridgette Carr, law professor
 After instances such as black slavery, the holocaust, and the civil rights movement, I thought our society had finally reached a point of civilized conduct.  I guess not.
Information found at CNN

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