Social Media

How often are you use social media?
What do you think the world will come up with next?
What DO you think the world should come up with next?
           I think they should come up with a Facebook/Skype/Blog social network.  You can make posts, video chat, upload pictures, and more.  Interesting.
 Which ones do you use? 

And why do almost all of them use BLUE?
(Thanks to Google Images for pictures)


  1. Okay, first off.. your layout is SO nice! I just love it!

    Um, I use facebook. And google mail. I was just listening to NPR (yep, I'm a nerd) talk about what will be next in the whole social networking thing. How old are you? I was in college with thefacebook came out... I miss when it was just people my age! We used to joke about parents getting on it... and now it's for real! So strange!


  2. Listening to NPR does NOT make you a nerd. Did you see how I posted about an article on CNN? I guess that makes two of us. I'm 23 and I think facebook officially started when I was in high school, but I didn't hear about it till I was in college. And now it's the new epidemic!