The Past Holiday

The past two weeks have been filled with so many different things.  And at the same time, there was a lot of time filled with absolutely nothing! Let's just say that I definitely got more than enough sleep and and spent a lot of time being lazy.  
But here are some things I DID do over the holiday.

I bought this cashmere sweater (except with cream buttons) from GAP for under $9.
What a bargain!

We played games.....LOTS of games 
Cameron and I have been reading the seventh Harry Potter.  We read aloud (mostly, I read aloud) and it's pulling me in just like it did the first time I read it. 
I've started this book, and I really hope to finish it.  After living in Virginia and interning in DC, I have developed a deep love for the history of our country

We dressed Kenya up in a Santa outfit that Derek sent home from Canada

I spent lots of time with my nephew Carson, and my NEW niece, Natalie.  Carson is the love of my life (aside from Cameron of course) and spending time with him is wonderful!

This picture has a story behind it.....over the Christmas break my family found out we had MICE. Yes, you read right, MICE.  We think it's because of the remodeling we had done.  Somewhere an entrance was made, and they are making their own little hotel in our home.  The best part?  The other night I was doing a puzzle when I SAW A MOUSE run across the floor behind the armchair.  All I could do what point wide-eyed and mutter "Uh....there....uh.....uh...."  I about scared the pants everyone who was sitting in the room.  It was not a happy sight to see my brother and dad kill it with a broom and dustpan on the kitchen floor. 

Derek sent home Canadian tuques for everyone in the family.  The best was when he sent home an extra white one (girl hat) for my twin brother and his future wife. (It's funny because he is currently not dating anyone.)

And of course, the Christmas season would not be so, if we didn't have our annual Walker Family Christmas Party.  Over 100 people, Santa's visit, gifts galore, soup and soup bowls, fun and games, and much more.
What did you do over your HOLIDAY??

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