What do I say?

I've been wanting to blog, but I just haven't found the words!
Do you want to know why?
Hardly anything has been going on.
Ok, that's a lie, but it's what I FEEL like. 
Here is the truth of what we went on this weekend.

Drove into Rexburg to see my hubby wearing his shirt that's my favorite (on purpose).
Dinner at Gator Jacks (a restaurant where the decor is amazing but the food could be better)
Read some more of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Our friends Dillon and Jane came over to play CLUE.
Church on Sunday (always lovely)
Yahtzee with the hubby.
Parmesan Chicken for dinner (YUM!)
Games with Molly and Lane, Kyle and Alyssa, and Brad and Jenna.
Monday morning.....slept in, Hallelujah!
Finished reading Harry Potter (Cameron said he was choking up)
Went to the Gym (Yeah, Baby!!)
Late Lunch at Craigo's/never ending pizza :)
Family Night with Dillon and Jane + finally watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Had the honor of driving Husband to school
Conquered phone interview (YES!)
And so on....

Wait a second, I did do a lot of stuff!  It really was a great weekend and I'm so happy that I had Cameron all to myself (no school, no job, no nothin)

I am one LUCKY girl.

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  1. Geez you are so busy!! Good job for going to the gym!