Ah, Poetry

I was gone from my loving husband for almost two weeks.
I was very happy to return to him.
He picked me up from the airport in Salt Lake City with a big smile and a beautiful pink rose.
We stayed in Utah for the next couple of days, and just drove into Rexburg this evening.
This is what awaited me at our apartment.

See that white piece of paper?  It's a poem that he wrote for me!  
I couldn't resist sharing it with you.

My Last Two Weeks

I made a whole lot of spaghetti all for myself
But that's just it, there was no one else!
I would toss & turn all night,
Hoping to see the most beautiful sight
I ran for exercise, keeping a good pace
But without you there, it felt like empty Space
I would come home to no one, like the old single days
But then I would say "It's just a matter of days."
I did not write this so you would feel bad,
Instead I wrote this to show you I'm Glad.
When I am down, you make me pick up my feet,
And when you are around, I feel so complete.
I want you to know,
My love will always grow
For this Green eyed beauty I've come to know.
I love you so dearly,
And so dearly you'll be,
My Love, My Everything and always My Queen!

I love him so dearly. How did I get so lucky??


  1. what a sweet sweet husband you have!!!! you are one lucky lady! when i was away from my husband for one of my competitions last month i tossed and turned alllllllll night! its awful to sleep with out your lover!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is SO sweet!!
    My guy would never in a hundred years write a poem! He's not really the romantic type...
    You're lucky :)

  3. How freakin precious is that!?! That is sooo cute!! Now you will have to leave again to see what he does next haha jk. That is really sweet of him! Glad you are safe and home!