A Kiss of a Blueberry Muffin

Cameron was eating a blueberry muffin from Costco {Divine} and I was stealing bits of his muffin.
This made him a little upset (not really)
The conversation that followed went something like this

Cameron: You haven't even eaten dinner yet!
Me: I know (giggling and smiling my feminine smile)
Cameron: (Looking sheepishly away from my gaze) None of our girls better look like you, because I will give in ALL the time
Me: (giggle) 
Cameron: (smile)
Me: (giggle some more and give him more of that "Kristin" smile)
And then, Cameron leans in for a kiss.
It was perfect....until....
I feel a chewed up piece of blueberry muffin pushed into my mouth.

GROSS!! Right??
He thinks he's SO funny
Ok, maybe he is....a little


  1. Ok everything about this was so CUTE!! Love it!
    P.S. my hubby would do the same thing haha.

  2. hAHA gross! I didn't know you had twitter, gonna follow you!

  3. That is so funny, I'm cracking up and my kids want to know what I'm laughing about.