Aunt Bonnie

 I PROMISE that you will love the two stories I have to tell about my Aunt Bonnie.
Aunt Bonnie is my Grandma's sister.  
The other day, she and my grandma were talking about getting old, and they were exchanging stories about forgetting, mistakes made, etc.
The following stories are from my Aunt Bonnie.

Story #1
Aunt Bonnie had a terrible headache, and had to take a couple of tylenol.
She was worried about waking up in the middle of the night with another headache, so she put two tablets of Tylenol on her nightstand in case she woke up, then went to sleep.
Sure enough, she woke up with another headache.  She took the Tylenol and went back to sleep.
In the morning she woke up, looked on her nightstand and saw......
ONE Tylenol tablet......and ONE hearing aid.

Story #2
Aunt Bonnie went in for a physical exam at the doctors.
She went into her stall, took off her clothes and put on one of those hospital gowns, and went in to the doctor.  She had her exam (I'm pretty sure it went well)
She went back into the stall, put back on the clothes, and went home.
After arriving at home, she got a call from the doctor's.
"Bonnie?  Do you think you might have put the wrong clothes back on?"
"I don't know? Did I?"
Aunt Bonnie looked down at what she was wearing.  Sure enough, the clothes she was wearing did NOT belong to her.
She went back to the doctor's to find a lady sitting in a hospital gown waiting for her clothes.

Do you have ANY stories that can top that???
If so, PLEASE share.
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  1. Those are pretty funny.

    I once went to a party in high school. I knocked on the door and told my friend and her mom I could only stay for a little while because we had family come into town. They kindly sat with me on the couch while we talked for a few minutes. Eventually, I asked where everyone else was, or if they were all going to be late. They looked at me and said, "Oh, the party is TOMORROW." It was pretty embarrassing at the time, but sure makes me laugh now.

  2. I am not sure if I have embarrassing stories like that, but those made my day :)