Tonight I went to a fireside for church.  The topic was modesty.  It was beautiful.  Tender feelings were shared, discussion was consistent, and laughter was a key element.
Let me reiterate: It was beautiful.

The topic of modesty is something that I have a strong belief in.
What is my belief?
Our bodies are gifts from God.  We have been given them to accomplish great things.  We should respect our bodies, and demand respect from those around us.  We gain respect by displaying our bodies in a pure and beautiful manner.  What we wear and how we display our bodies symbolizes the commitment and feelings we hold within our heart. It is an outward expression of an inward belief.  

I am grateful for a Husband who respects me and believes in modesty.
I am grateful for a mother who taught me the importance of modesty.
I am grateful for a God who has asked me to live a life of modesty.
I am grateful for a personal testimony of modesty.