Temple Square

In Utah, there is a beautiful landmark called Temple Square.
People come from all over to see this amazing place.
Every Christmas, Temple Square is lit up with thousands of lights.
And almost every year, my family goes to see them.

This year, we kept the tradition alive.
My wonderful family.  Spending Thanksgiving with them was a dream come.  Sometimes I think I can never get enough.   Left to Right: [Top Row] Lexie (Kenny's Girlfriend), Kenny, AD, Carson, Jordan, Mom, Grandma Walker, Me, Cameron [Bottom Row] Heather, Natalie, Braden, Alisa, Dad

My sister Heather, her husband AD, and there two children Carson and Natalie.  I'm obsessed with the two little ones.  They are moving to Denver next week and my heart is slowly breaking.

And of course, myself and the love of my life. I love him. I really do.


  1. OKKKAYY your family is beautiful! and Kenny's girlfriend is so pretty! go kenny!

  2. Love your family! :D Kenny has a girlfriend ? They are so cute.
    I'm going to miss Heather :(
    Your Christmas tree looks great.