Let's Celebrate!

There have been a few things happening here in the Bassett home.
Here are some pictures as evidence.

May I just say, God has been good to me.
I will forever be grateful for him bringing this 
loving man into my life.
Cameron is not only a good man, he is the perfect man for me.
I love him so very much and am so proud of 
who he is and all that he does.

My sweet mother gave me this beautiful willow statue.  
She was so sweet to remember me.
I am forever grateful for my mother.  She is someone who has given me strength and wisdom in my times of need.  She is an example of love, service, diligence, patience, and selflessness.   If I can be half the mother that she was, 
I know I will have something to be proud of.

 Pregnancy is treating me very well!  These babies move around a LOT.  Especially Baby A...he is always kicking.  I have a feeling he has a lot of Latimer genes.  I already love them so much and can not wait to welcome them into our family.


  1. Can I first just say no one should look that cute when they first wake up. Seriously. It's not fair-I look like the dead! Second, you are way too cute of a pregnant lady. And can you really tell which baby is which already? I mean how do you know Baby A from B? Also we must be due at the same time... Ill be 23 weeks on Sunday... and I dont look half as cute. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day- you will be a fantastic mommy!

  2. You look so great!!! I'm so excited for you - being a mom is the best (and hardest) thing ever. :)