Planes and Croquet

The Saturday before Father's Day, Kenny came up to Rexburg and we went and saw the free Air Show they were having at the Rexburg Airport.  It was a lot of fun to see all the old WWII planes and watch the pilots do some pretty cool tricks.  I wish I had some video, but the pictures will just have to do. 

After a fun time at the air show, we headed off to Porter Park to have a picnic, play some cards, and a few rounds of croquet 
(a few rounds turned into 6 or 7!)

I'm already looking forward to my next game of croquet....hopefully I'll win at least ONE of the games next time.

And just for fun, here's a little update of my belly...



  1. you are so beautiful Kristin!!!

  2. how fun! seriously, you look so good! you are a skinny minny! so happy for you to become a mother of two, of all people, you will do it - and do a fantastic job!!!