There is a light in view...

We are still alive!
I know Cameron and I have been MIA, but let me just say....
Having two babies in the NICU is exhausting!
Back and forth
Back and forth
From my house to the hospital
From the hospital to my house
pumping and pumping
feeding the babies
then pumping again
and on and on and on and on.....
Let's just say my body, both physically and emotionally, 
kinda shut down for a while

But after a CRAZY delivery...
Moving into our new apartment...
Being admitted into the hospital for a uterine infection...
and 3 weeks of babies in the NICU...

There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

Walker and Tait are doing fantastic.
They are feeding from Momma SO well which means they might come home sooner than planned.  IF only Tait can get his breathing down.  The poor little guy is still struggling.  Which may mean being sent home with one baby on the monitor, but we will see.

Tonight, Cameron and I are staying at the hospital (our 2nd home) to do a 24 hour feeding.  Basically, if the babies wake up, I feed them.  So they have a few special rooms for mom's on this phase of the NICU cycle.  So far, they have been doing great!  Let's hope they don't get too tired and can keep it up.

I'll try to update more, but it's been a draining few weeks.
However, I really think we are all uphill from here!

Tait Bassett
Walker Bassett
Our little "hotel" room at the hospital


  1. You are amazing! Your two little boys are so cute. These hard days are almost over. :) I remember those long days but as soon as you have both at home all of the bad memories go away.

  2. It'll be over before you know it! Your boys are adorable!

  3. You are so amazing! I remember how drained I was when Elle was a newborn, and we didn't even have the NICU to deal with or two babies. You are superwoman!!! :)

  4. they are adorable! :) that's wonderful that they are eating so well! it really does keep getting easier. those first six weeks killed me and I only had one pretty healthy little baby. :) hang in there!! seriously though, rest like crazy! just take it as easy as you possibly can, even if you feel good, it will save you. :) love you girl!

  5. I wasn't expecting your special room to look like that. I didn't know hospitals had such places without hospital beds.

  6. We stayed in one of those special rooms! What a blessing they can be! Your boys are so stinkin' cute. No surprise there!

  7. You're amazing, Kristin! I totally get the physical and emotion shut down. We're sending prayers your way. Your boys are adorable!

  8. What cute little boys!!! Such handsome little faces! Congrats to both of you!
    You are doing an AWESOME job with Tait and Walker! I remember how much you helped me after I had a baby. Even though it seemed simple it was a mountain of help! I sure wish I could do the same for you. We are praying for you and are SOOOOO happy for your cute little family!