Those Eyes

These little boys keep me busy
And they certainly make me tired
Of course, they don't always make things easy

But I could look at their eyes all day long


2 lovely years

On September 2, Cameron and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary
Well….sort of celebrated
The day was actually spent at the hospital with our two boys
Since then, life has been crazy with our two little ones home
With a free moment, I want to blog about my dear husband

When Cameron first came to my house and met my family back in 2010, I will never forget it.  My mom pulled out the wooden spoon and threatened to spank me if I let this guy go.  Thankfully, I never received that spanking.

Life with Cameron has been more than I could ever imagine.
We both talk about how we thought we loved each other the day of our wedding, but how wrong we were as we have experienced a deeper love over the past 2 years.
We often talk about how God knew what he was doing when he put the two of us together.  I know that he had a hand in this relationship and for that I am grateful.

Cameron has been my constant support the last 2 years.
He has stood by me through some hard times and been patient and humble in so many ways.
That is something about Cameron that I will always appreciate.
He always makes sure that I know how much he loves me.
And he has been successful in that.
By the way he looks at me in a crowded room,
or the way he touches my face when I cry,
I will always know that Cameron loves me.
Oh gosh, I'm crazy about him.

Thank you my love, for a wonderful 2 years.
I can’t wait to spend eternity with you.


My Boys

Isn't this a beautiful sight to wake up to?
I sure do love my boys.


Finally Home

It finally happened!
After being in the NICU for one month, 
our little boys finally came home.
It has been both exciting and overwhelming to the say the least.
Sleepless nights
diapers to change
feeding and pumping
feeding and pumping
Stress and Crying
Memories and Laughing

So far, it's been quite the adventure.
Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who supports me 110%
He has been my constant comfort and support this last month.
I am one lucky lady with my 3 boys.

Here are some moments from the last few days...

Tait and Walker

 Thank you so much for all the kind words and prayers.
Cameron and I are extremely blessed!