2 lovely years

On September 2, Cameron and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary
Well….sort of celebrated
The day was actually spent at the hospital with our two boys
Since then, life has been crazy with our two little ones home
With a free moment, I want to blog about my dear husband

When Cameron first came to my house and met my family back in 2010, I will never forget it.  My mom pulled out the wooden spoon and threatened to spank me if I let this guy go.  Thankfully, I never received that spanking.

Life with Cameron has been more than I could ever imagine.
We both talk about how we thought we loved each other the day of our wedding, but how wrong we were as we have experienced a deeper love over the past 2 years.
We often talk about how God knew what he was doing when he put the two of us together.  I know that he had a hand in this relationship and for that I am grateful.

Cameron has been my constant support the last 2 years.
He has stood by me through some hard times and been patient and humble in so many ways.
That is something about Cameron that I will always appreciate.
He always makes sure that I know how much he loves me.
And he has been successful in that.
By the way he looks at me in a crowded room,
or the way he touches my face when I cry,
I will always know that Cameron loves me.
Oh gosh, I'm crazy about him.

Thank you my love, for a wonderful 2 years.
I can’t wait to spend eternity with you.

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  1. Such a cute couple!! So excited to see you two! And the other two little guys!