All Hallow's Eve!

I love Halloween.
I don't like the blood, creepy characters, etc.
But dressing up, carving pumpkins, parties, candy, and trick-or-treating...
That I LIKE!

Here are some pictures of the Halloween festivities we had...

Here we are at my parent's house carving pumpkins.
As you can see, Walker and Tait were most definitely in the Halloween spirit.

Now. The next pictures need some explaining.  
You see, I was trying to carve a PEACE sign in my pumpkin.  I thought I was being clever in carving the inner sign, and then carving the outer circle.   
Little did I realize what I was really doing.  
And what did I end up?  
A great big HOLE!!

But we had a lot of fun with it :)

 I think....that Cameron is trying to impersonate his pumpkin.

Our little family on Halloween!
(2 hippies, a skeleton, and a green monster)
We went to my aunt and uncle's house to celebrate.  
We had delicious chili and breadsticks, homemade rootbeer,
and LOTS of candy.
The kids went trick or treating and had the traditional "candy store" where they trade candy. 
And the boy had some fun playing super smash brothers.
Overall, it was a wonderful night!


  1. Great costumes! Your pumpkin reminds me of one of Cameron's pumpkins growing up (not sure if he remembers this). He intended to carve some teeth in his pumpkin, so he drew a mouth and teeth as a template. When he finished cutting, he realized he just had one happy pumpkin.

  2. adorableness! Kristin - tomorrow is your birthday!!!!!!! happy birthday beautiful girl! hey, do you ever skype or google plus? would LOVE to video chat sometime and catch up - and see those beautiful boys. :) miss ya!