Utah. I miss you.

Utah, Utah, Utah.  Oh how I miss your green grass, fall leaves, 
and the sweet smell of your wind.
Even though we were just in Utah in August, we will be going again next month for Thanksgiving, and I am already looking forward to it.  I love it here in Lubbock, but I've recently been craving some beautiful outdoor scenery.  
The dead grass in Lubbock just doesn't do it for me.  

I wanted to share a few photos from our time spent in Utah back in August.  It was so much fun to spend so much time with loved ones, and for Walker and Tait to receive so much attention.    A majority of the pictures I'm sharing were taken by my dad (he is very talented when it comes to capturing the perfect moments), except for the ones from the Zoo....those were taken by me.

{We loved hanging at the house and picnicking at Bridal Veil Falls}

{Thanksgiving Point is always entertaining, especially w/ cousins!}

{The Scera Pool, one of my favorites.  Fun for ALL ages} 
p.s. if you're ever at the pool and see a man fully dressed, 
laying on his side taking pictures....that's my dad

{We all love each other....can you tell?}

{Went to the Hogle Zoo and was amazed at all the updating they have done!  Can't wait to go again soon!}

Visiting Utah again in exactly on month from Wednesday!  
Can hardly wait :)


San Antonio in the Summer

Side note:  No on told me how much FUN it is to wean your babies off their pacifier!  I have been listening to my little guys cry too long, and would have caved if it wasn't for the fact that we can only find one pacifier.  I am desperately hoping tomorrow night will be better.

Now, on to something more positive...Back in August, we took a trip to San Antonio during Cameron's break from school.  We mostly relaxed, went swimming, and spent time together.  I always love when Tait and Walker can spend time with extended family because I want them to be a big part in their lives.  The following pictures are proof of exactly how lucky Walker and Tait are to have such wonderful relatives in San Antonio.

Looking forward to visiting San Antonio again in a few weeks!