Dear Daddy...

Happy Birthday!!

I truly hope this day is a special one
Even though you are all the way in Germany, I hope you feel my love
You have made me one VERY special girl
I always wonder how it was that I got so lucky to have you as a Dad
I know that I am who I am today, because of you
Would you like to know what I inherited because of YOU?
Here goes...
You gave me a passion for life and the things I love to do
An eye for creativity
A sense of responsibility
Patience and Persistence
A belief in God
The joy of Hard Work
Knowledge of what a relationship should be like
And much, much, more
I love you Daddy!
Happy 51st Birthday!


A Kiss of a Blueberry Muffin

Cameron was eating a blueberry muffin from Costco {Divine} and I was stealing bits of his muffin.
This made him a little upset (not really)
The conversation that followed went something like this

Cameron: You haven't even eaten dinner yet!
Me: I know (giggling and smiling my feminine smile)
Cameron: (Looking sheepishly away from my gaze) None of our girls better look like you, because I will give in ALL the time
Me: (giggle) 
Cameron: (smile)
Me: (giggle some more and give him more of that "Kristin" smile)
And then, Cameron leans in for a kiss.
It was perfect....until....
I feel a chewed up piece of blueberry muffin pushed into my mouth.

GROSS!! Right??
He thinks he's SO funny
Ok, maybe he is....a little


Ah, Poetry

I was gone from my loving husband for almost two weeks.
I was very happy to return to him.
He picked me up from the airport in Salt Lake City with a big smile and a beautiful pink rose.
We stayed in Utah for the next couple of days, and just drove into Rexburg this evening.
This is what awaited me at our apartment.

See that white piece of paper?  It's a poem that he wrote for me!  
I couldn't resist sharing it with you.

My Last Two Weeks

I made a whole lot of spaghetti all for myself
But that's just it, there was no one else!
I would toss & turn all night,
Hoping to see the most beautiful sight
I ran for exercise, keeping a good pace
But without you there, it felt like empty Space
I would come home to no one, like the old single days
But then I would say "It's just a matter of days."
I did not write this so you would feel bad,
Instead I wrote this to show you I'm Glad.
When I am down, you make me pick up my feet,
And when you are around, I feel so complete.
I want you to know,
My love will always grow
For this Green eyed beauty I've come to know.
I love you so dearly,
And so dearly you'll be,
My Love, My Everything and always My Queen!

I love him so dearly. How did I get so lucky??



First off, went and saw Oprah today. Yay!
Hurried and got in a taxi and went back to the hotel.
Zipped up my bags and got in another taxi to the airport.
Got into the airport and stood in long line to check in.
Set my suitcase up on the scale...too heavy....take it off to move things to my carry on.
Set suitcase up on the scale...still too heavy....take it off to move things to my carry on.
Finally, my bag is a good weight.
The man asks, "You're on the 6:05 flight?"
I say, "Yes"
Man looks confused, asks to see my papers.
Man STILL looks confused.
Man finds the answer.
"Uh, you are schedule to fly out the 18th of MARCH, not the 18th of February."



About to board a plane...

Right now, I am sitting in the Salt Lake City Airport, ready to board a plane that will take me to Phoenix.
Then I will board a plane in Phoenix that will take me here
Thank you Google Images
I am going to visit my sister, Jenny

Can you tell I'll have fun? I'm so excited for her to make me laugh!

Why is she in Chicago?
She is on tour with the 25th Anniversary Broadway tour of Les Miserables.
She is playing Cosette, and I finally get to see her performance!
I'm so excited to see her, and spend time with her.

Bon Voyage!