My thoughts are ALL over the place tonight.

Lately I have not been getting very good sleep.
Lately means for a long time.
I go to sleep just dandy, but in the middle of the night I wake up because I have to use the ladies room and then I toss and turn for an hour or so trying to drift ever so softly back to sleep.  Has that been happening?  NO!  Oh, and if I'm not already tired from not getting sleep, I feel even more tired from the crazy dreams I have.  
In the past week I have had dreams that include...
What is that all about???

On another note, I currently have the highest score in a {GAME} that Hubby and I are competing in.
As embarrassed as I am to admit it, it's a game on his phone.  Called Brick Breaker.
(Cameron got VERY close to beating my score in this picture)
Yes, I know it's a basic and simple game.  But when you come from a competitive family such as myself?  Anything can be made into a BIG competition.

I loved the following statement made my Cameron last night!!
 Kristin: Cameron....I'm sleeping next to a boy!
Cameron: (in the voice of pinocchio) I'm a man!  I'm a REAL man!!

As a lover of fashion, photography, and design....
I can't help but wonder sometimes
What's with all the hype??
Sometimes I catch myself spending hours 
browsing blogs full of fashion, photography, and design
And I can't help but think.....why is there such an emphasis on these things?
Don't get me wrong, I blog about them too, but why do I?
Just thoughts I've been having.

I'm gonna go read a book now.


Tea Time

Have I mentioned that I was hired as a wedding planner?
Well, if I haven't, then there you have it!
A dear friend of mine hired me to plan her wedding.  It has been bliss.
Next weekend is one of her bridal showers, and I designed the invitation 
(as well as decided the theme)

It was so much fun to do!


Home Sweet....WHAT??

The other day I was walking up to my apartment after a small trip to Utah
I was probably thinking how {HAPPY} I was to be home
I'm almost to my door when I see a very disturbing sight outside my neighbor's door

Do you know what that is??? Do you???
It's a the skin of a {DEAD RACOON}
Please tell me that is disgusting
Well, what else can I say....There's no place like Home?