Too precious for a mother's touch

My thoughts keep turning to a song found in the Joseph Smith The Prophet
presentation written by Rob Gardner.  
The song "Irene" is sung by the character of Emma Smith. 
It's beautiful, and can only catch a glimmer of such an experience that some people go through.  
The lyrics are as follows:

The wind through the cyprus made them sway,
And rolled the clouds back that winter day,
The sun shone through long enough to say,
"Your baby was here, but cannot stay."

For there are more important things to do,
And she must add a gleam to heaven’s hue
To help brighten the pathway for one and all,
For through the darkness, great men fall!

This little spirit, so pleasant and fair,
Returned to the ones who were waiting there.
And when I walk out in the night divine,
I know one of the stars that shine is mine!

She came to the earth just for a while,
Not long enough to see her smile.
For this little baby we loved so much
Was just to precious for a mother’s touch.